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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Bedingbedang
    commente moi donc ├ža
    19 Oct '07 19:36
    I'd like to be able to see how my clan performs against another.
    I can see in "my performance" how I'm fairing personnaly against any particular player I've played. A similar tool for clans would be great. (I'm talking about regular challenges, not just league play)

    That would do a lot to foster rivalties especially if everyone can see this!

    (It would also make it easier to find a particular challenge when your clan is very active and challenges get spread on many pages)
  2. 23 Oct '07 08:14
    I second that!

    Right now I use an Excel spreadsheet which makes it easy for me as well to to see:
    - which clans we played against
    - how challenges are developing
    - which challenge just finished
    - what our track record is versus all clans
    - how my clan members are / have been performing
    - which players I have available for new challenges

    But if this could be available through the site directely, it would be nice!