1. Langhorne, PA
    23 May '07
    14 Sep '09 21:29
    I think it'd be pretty cool (and super easy to implement) if we could see a win ratio statistic on the clans list.

    My clan is pretty small and we don't play a large volume of games, so we're well aware we can't compete with clans like Metallica and In Vino Veritas when it comes to the score board. We do work very hard to keep our clan win percentage high, though, and think it would be neat to play other clans that value that stat as well.

    To avoid 10 million new clans having a 100% rating, maybe you could only show that rating after 20 clan matches, similar to the provisional ratings for individuals?

    Since all the stats necessary are already there and already being pulled for the list, it seems like it should be a fairly quick and easy addition, right?

    Clan Leader - Jersey Brigade