1. Standard memberark13
    Enola Straight
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    16 Jan '05
    11 Jun '05 13:12
    I know both of these ideas have been suggested elsewhere, but it'd be perfect to combine them. Also, I wanted to bring this back to Admin attention as I think it's a feature we truly need.

    There should be a clan search, just like player search (though it should probably be on the clan tab instead of a seperate one). You could type in the name, or part of the name of the clan you're looking for and find it. This would save time in alphabetizing the clan listings, and trying to remember if the clans name starts with "the" or if that even matters. So you'd have the match, or matches displayed, and next to them would be their point totals in all of the different catagories, and number of members. It would look exactly like the "My Clans" tab does. The clans listed vertically, with points, members, formation date, last challenge, etc. This information isn't displayed on the clan home page, and therefore is currently very difficult to get. Perhaps, there could be a link from the clan home page to this search results screen (as if you'd just searched for it) showing all of the information.