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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member zakkwylder
    Mouth for war
    15 Feb '09 05:29
    It would be nice if we could search through the clan pages with an option of searching by amount of active players. Looking for a clan that has a large amount of active players for a large challenge can get quite tiresome.
  2. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    15 Feb '09 06:16
    How about a clan preference option:

    Search for a clan that prefers X number of matches.
    Set a match preference for Y number of matches.

    Again, a very nuanced potential feature that doesn't look like much, but if you are a clan leader, and you'd just like to make a 5:5 match, you are getting a full roster match pairing by default.

    If you wanted a 5-member match, and could search that way, it would be a lot easier . . .. . .I think, probably.