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    Posted in Clans forum bu tprobably better placed here, if anywhere.....

    What I think would make for good reading is a page for your clan that shows your results against all of the other clans your clan has played - so page would be clan specific. Clans should probably be shown in order of most matches played against and then show statistics for (because we like statistcis don't we):
    - W / D / L
    - Gross/Net points in current year and then a total column
    - Average number of players per match up

    Then maybe some other things which would need more thought..... like average rating per tie, or maybe rating differential per tie would be better. Um.....that's it, can't think of anything else. Maybe time per tie completion average and some other type of throw away statistic.

    All this info must already exist so would simply (he says simply having no knowledge of programming) be setting up some 'script queries' to dish this info out for the masses. I want to be spoonfed some pertinent clan info please Mr Russ!