1. Standard memberc99ux
    'Sir' to you
    Osaka, Japan
    30 Sep '05
    19 Dec '08 13:07
    On the Clans' page, it would be nice to see the clans' preferred TO / TB.

    Putting the clan's preferred TO/TB on the main Clans page would be useful both for prospective members wanting to join a clan with time settings that they are prepared to play by, and leaders of other clans who want to set up challenges that match their own clan's preferred playing times.

    At the moment, it's possible to sort clans by:

    Name; Number of members; Last Challenge; Date Formed; W/L/D numbers; and points (Net and Total) (All-time and 2008).

    The only one of those items that interests me as a challenging leader is the name of the clan.

    Clans can also be searched for, but the only criteria for searches are name, min/max number of members, recruiting or accepting challenges.

    If TO / TB can't be listed in the tables, could they be included in the search options?