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    12 Jun '05
    11 Feb '06 08:49
    (a) A separate forum for commented games (i.e. I post a game with my assessment/commentary, to which others can add). Yes, I know one can do this in the chess forum, but generally people don't, and that forum tends to get clogged up with other things. Providing a separate forum/"learning zone" might encourage people to get involved.


    (b) A facility by which people can submit games for comment and analysis by top-10/2000-plus players, who would volunteer to do this out of the goodness of their heart. The reason for this is that post-game computer analysis, while good for checking tactics, does not really teach you anything about positional play. A panel could select say one game a week and pass it to the "experts" (who could e.g. work on a rota basis) for comment.

    Both potentially useful learning tools.