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Site Ideas Forum

  1. 18 Dec '07 09:49 / 1 edit
    This is about the Tournament 1445: Probus Grouped Random 1400-1550...

    When I go to the Tournament Page I have the option to filter the lines according to the My Tournaments at the left.
    One of the options are "My active". The Probus tournament is certainly one of my active tournaments, but I can’t find it here.
    However, the Probus tournament I can find under the "My Completed" But Probus is not completed, not at all, not by me anyway.

    Yes, I know why Probus seems to be completed and not active. It’s because a winner has been decided. But – the tournament is still active! The rest of us is struggling for the unofficial second (or third) place. It is nevertheless still active and not completed – yet!

    It is very practical to have the tournament as being in the 'My Active' as long it is tournament still is active! In this way I have all my tournaments at the same place and I don't have to shift page to find all my active tournaments.
  2. 18 Dec '07 16:32
    It's always about you, isn't it?
  3. 18 Dec '07 19:15
    Originally posted by darvlay
    It's always about you, isn't it?
    About me?

    Yes, of course, I am the most important person in my life.
    (as you in yours)