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    06 Jul '08
    13 Jul '08 06:391 edit
    First, love the site - top effort guys.

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to add a conditional moving option like I used to do in the dark old days of correspondence or email chess.

    i.e. if my current move as 10. Qxd8 then I could add (if 10. ... Kxd8 11. Nf6)

    The sort of thing that would speed up forced or virtually forced continuations of moves.

    What do you reckon ?

    I guess that the continuation sequence could be hidden from the player waiting to move, such that if the move matches then the reply would auto-appear on the board.

    Even 1. e4 (if 1. ... e5 then 2. Nf3) and so on.
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    26 Jul '07
    13 Jul '08 12:45
    This is being tested by some players at the moment to make sure it works before a site-wide roll out.
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    06 Jul '08
    13 Jul '08 20:05
    Awesome - you guys rock 🙂