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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 17 Sep '06 00:11
    the "conditional moves" feature allows a player to plot out a specific line of moves based on what the other player chooses to do. it can speed games up considerably, not to mention be a considerable bonus in learning to predict an opponents behavior simply by doing it. has anyone else used this feature on other sites and, if so, don't you think it would be beneficial here as well?
  2. 17 Sep '06 01:29
  3. 17 Sep '06 01:36
    well i hope it comes's funny how you get used to making ten or twelve moves from each game conditionally and adjust to the overall game speed, then not having it available slows the games way way down.
  4. 17 Sep '06 09:14
    This is coming to RHP : see the recent thread
  5. 18 Sep '06 00:51
    Originally posted by bolshevik
    This is coming to RHP : see the recent thread
    For those of us who didn't already know, it was pointed out two posts before yours with the exact same thread link.

    Thanks. :'(