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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member leisurelysloth
    Man of Steel
    27 Jun '06 23:38
    List all of the possible time controls. Let folks vote for two that they'd prefer to play tournaments under.
  2. Standard member coentje
    30 Jun '06 16:35
    How about 1/21 it is reasonably fast and still alows for a reasonable vacation.
  3. Standard member leisurelysloth
    Man of Steel
    30 Jun '06 19:20
    Originally posted by coentje
    How about 1/21 it is reasonably fast and still alows for a reasonable vacation.
    Thanks coentje. Good input. What I was actually going for, however, was to get Russ to set up a Consultation vote similar to:

    in order to determine which time controls are most popular for tournament play. Strolling through the tournament forum gives the impression that quite a few players are unhappy with the choices of tournament time controls. I'm curious if they are just a vocal minority, or if this represents the actual sentiment of most tournament players.

    It would be kind of silly to continue on making the majority of the tournaments have 7 day time outs, if the majority of the players would prefer 1 or 3 day timeouts.

    What I'd like to see is a vote where you could vote for 2 or 3 of the following for your favorite time controls:

    [ ] 0/80
    [ ] 1/7
    [ ] 1/14
    [ ] 1/21
    [ ] 1/28
    [ ] 3/7
    [ ] 3/14
    [ ] 3/21
    [ ] 3/28
    [ ] 7/7
    [ ] 7/14
    [ ] 7/21
    [ ] 7/28
    [ ] 14/7
    [ ] 14/14
    [ ] 14/21
    [ ] 14/28
    [ ] 21/7
    [ ] 21/14
    [ ] 21/21
    [ ] 21/28

    I'm not lobbying for making all of the tournaments conform to some chosen standards--it's good to have something for everyone. I'm just curious if the typical time controls are in line with the preferences of the majority of the players.

    Is anyone else interested in this information? Are there any other time controls you'd like to see added to the list?
  4. 01 Jul '06 06:54
    This voting deserves to be in the vote page as consultation vote.

    (And close the obolete vote at the same time.)
  5. 01 Jul '06 09:03
    have you sent feedback asking for a vote to be set up?
  6. Standard member leisurelysloth
    Man of Steel
    01 Jul '06 16:52 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by trevor33
    have you sent feedback asking for a vote to be set up?
    Not yet. I was kind of waiting to see if there'd be any feedback about other time control preferences. For instance, note that on my list there are no zero timebank and only one zero timeout settings.

    Also, I'm wondering if we should also have a vote about group size preferences as well--see marinakatomb's threads in the Tournaments forum.
  7. 03 Jul '06 19:47
    I would really prefer 0/30 ( and perhaps 0/45 for those who prefer to play at a slower pace ).

    30 days is a proper and adequate amount of time to finish a game. I've seen a number of tourneys taking 5 or 6 months or more to complete the first round only.

    996 is an example; started in January - 1st round still not complete (hanging on 1 game only for weeks)

    904 ditto - started even in Dec 2005
  8. 06 Jul '06 20:32
    I've sent a recommendation about the 7/14 suggesting 3/14. Giving someone two weeks should they be on vacation. They said they would take it into consideration on the next round of tourneys. Personally I would prefer 1 day time outs but a lot of people only play monday to friday so the 3 day time out is a necessity for them. But I also like the 0/80 tourneys that popped up once in a while and that should accomodate all. Also for the hard core players 0/30 would be nice.
    For the record I like the group size of 4 to help keep the number of games manageable but this also can extend a tournament in time.