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    16 Sep '08
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    I'm new on this site and I haven't checked all of the thread conversations,so if this is a repeat question my apologies.
    I think it would be a grand idea to have an immediate current and updated blitz rating posted by my opponents name and my name(right by the blitz board) when either opponent enters the opponents board...what do you think?Now,i do not mean the rating that is my opponents long correspondence rating,but the blitz rating.On two other blitz sites(I won't mention the names),the rating is posted right under the opponents name and is updated each and every game spontaneously.There are alot of good reasons for this.
    Many reasons,infact.Some of the reasons are...perhaps its a 1 or 2 minute game and i do not have time to check elsewhere,or maybe I do not want to play someone who is rated 400 points above me.One of the best reasons to have the rating posted by the board is that it may tell me to be more "onguard" depending upon how strong the opponent is,less "onguard"and perhaps even sac a piece or so to see how well I can do....a sac that I would normally not do with a much stronger opponent and a host of many other reasons,like playing more experimentally or out of a book line that I would not do against certain opponents.The blitz rating update can and does exist on atleast two other sites,so why not this one?
    I want to know immediately what kind of force i'm playing against.Inturn,this may "change"my strategy or style of play accordingly.In addition,some opponents blitz ratings are vastly different than their longer correspondence ratings,so a separate and immediate update blitz rating is necessary for proper and better play with those players like me who know the difference.
    At the very least some kind of "dual" or separate rating list should be established...if not at the actual board,then by the challenge board list of players before the player enters the chess blitz board.Either way is fine with me.Without this option,I will never take this site too seriously like I do with two other sites.