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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber LEUR
    03 May '13 19:33
    1. Deselect all non-sub members.
    2. Deselect all sub members.
    3. Deselct specific TER ratings ranges.

    These (and perhaps some others) would be
    of enormous benefit to we hard-working club
    admins...and appreciated, I think, by members
    who receive messages not applicable to their
    particular interests.
  2. 04 May '13 07:01
    Good idea Leur
  3. Subscriber Ponderable
    04 May '13 12:10
    thumb up from me!
  4. 06 May '13 07:06
    Just went to send a message to my club, the list of members is much better organised, it is easier to find people. So that has improved - but as always we want more.....