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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber daniv
    30 Dec '05 08:05
    Hello everyone!
    I dont know if there's already a thread about own tournaments visibility, so I open it now.
    In this moment, I'm engaged in more than 30 tournaments, some of them are in superior rounds, where (unfortunately) I'm not participating. So, I dont want to see them in the same place with the tournaments where I'm still playing, because I wnat to check my own status in active (for me) tournaments, and clicking 30 times..
    Admin, can you make a split betw tournaments, accordingly with those said above?
    Many thanks,

    PS: wish everyone a "Happy New Year!"
  2. Standard member jay D
    Jay D
    30 Dec '05 08:43
    various alternatives of this problem have been mentioned before, but unfortunately no solution from the rhp masters yet...but def a good idea.....

    maybe even just have an additional colomn which states whether you are still involved.....which like everything else can be sorted...

    but hey im sure Russ and others are aware of this...
  3. Subscriber daniv
    30 Dec '05 10:24
    hey Jay, thank you for your answ. Now just waiting a feedback from Russ..