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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 11 Nov '09 13:13
    I have a few thoughts/suggestions for the email notifications.

    1/ Can we have the choice of text vs html?
    2/ Option to include a mini board of current position?
    3/ Option to specify which sub-site the email comes from (I use chessatwork; notifications come from RHP) and which site the included link should go back to (either a choice of main sites or mobile site)
    4/ Option to indicate if a conditional move matched, which one, and that it's not my turn to move after all.

    None of these are urgent, but they'd make the notifications a lot more useful for me.


  2. 12 Nov '09 03:09
    Two more:

    Game names with apostrophes have the name incorrectly escaped (shows as backslash-apostrope) in the email text. Also appears this way in a few other places, such as the "print board" page.

    Emailed moves could be written better, using "e4", "Nxc3", "Rh1" notation instead of "e2e4" "b1c3" "h8h1".