1. Joined
    04 Jul '07
    02 Aug '07 23:24
    How about sending an email when the opponent resigns (or when a draw is accepted--haven't had this happen yet, but I assume you don't get one then either). I'd like to be notified when a game ends; sometimes it can be easy to miss (especially if you usually filter by 'My Move', etc.)
  2. Joined
    22 Aug '05
    03 Aug '07 01:15
    Yeah good idea;
    and I would like some way to know if you had offered a draw in a game already. Sometimes it can be hard to be sure which game it was offered in,or even if you had offered it at all.
    I can imagine it would be virtually impossible for subscribers with hundreds of games in progress.
  3. Subscribercoquette
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    Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    04 Jul '06
    03 Aug '07 04:24
    good idea