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    Damn fine Clan!
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    03 Sep '03
    20 Jan '05 15:37
    Would it be possible to filter the list of Tournaments in Progress by type? Banded, Duel, Sponsored, Themed, etc.

    I'm sure the TWIN PEAKS sponsored tournament is coming to an end but it takes me ages to find it; I didn't enter myself so it's not on my list.
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    10 Feb '03
    20 Jan '05 17:271 edit
    not a bad plan: in your case with the TP touney you could just put a bookmark/fav or whatever browser you're using page marker on it.

    for browsing, try a google search like the following:
    site:redhotpawn.com inurl:tournament twin peaks

    its the one and only hit.

    Do similar for other searches... I keep meaning to do a 'google' class for forum searching, as the onsite google bar doesn't seem to be configured right (google has spidered most of RHP forums (though not all), but the forum search function fails to find almost everything: doing it manually from Google does work though...)