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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Tychoo
    F**k the EU, IMF,WB
    10 Aug '08 19:00
    Can a filter be inserted into the “My active tournaments” to show which tournaments I’m still playing in, as it stands now when your knocked out of a tournament that has a series of rounds this tournament still in appears in “My Active” even when you’re finished with it.
  2. Standard member RDM
    11 Aug '08 07:31

    Although this has been asked for quite a bit.

    Russ c'mon - we need your help - I have to trawl through 180 tournaments to find the 3 that I'm still active in.
  3. 11 Aug '08 07:35
    I can filter tournaments quite easy.

    I chose by
    My Pending
    My Active
    My Completed
    All My Tournaments
    Tournament search
    Tournament Type
    All Public
    Tournaments that are open to everyone.
    All Private
    Private - my managed
    All Tournaments

    That gives me all I want to know.
  4. Standard member Tychoo
    F**k the EU, IMF,WB
    11 Aug '08 09:35
    So you use 12 filters to find how many tournaments your actually in rather than one “Still active” filter, not very efficient is it?
  5. 11 Aug '08 09:46
    No, of course not. But it has a lot of filtering options. It can give me all information I want.

    But, furthermore, I have made a Excel sheet where I keep track of all my games. So I can easily see which tournaments I'm in, playing with whom, and current information of each game as I seem fit. Information that is more advanced that you want to filter.

    So, what Russ gives us is good enogh for me, I use the current filters, beyond that I keep track of myself. I happen to think that there are more interesting things in Russ' to-do list, like making conditional moves public, update the game explorer, and further things making RHP even more better than it is.

    Don't take this wrong. It's always good to tell Russ what we want. In this case, I think the filtering options are more advanced than many of us members know. More options would be great, I rec that.