1. Austin, Texas
    29 May '07
    29 Dec '07 02:48
    I would like to be able to use the Find Player feature with a filter to only show those players whom I have the option of challenging. We could have another box like "with a profile", but, "available for challenge". Any players that are at their game limit or who will only play players within a range that I am not within would not be shown.

    What do you think?
  2. Joined
    31 Jan '07
    29 Dec '07 06:18
    "Available for challenge" would be useful. Sometimes I feel sorry for newbies and want to encourage them to play here, but then I find they're playing their maximum games and I've wasted the effort. Russ, if you want us to encourage new players, this would be a good thing, no?
  3. Subscribercoquette
    Already mated
    Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    04 Jul '06
    29 Dec '07 06:25
    super idea. another "settings" option would be "allow challenges from unrated players with P ratings, regardless of other limits" That would be cool too, for those crazy enough to do it.