1. Standard memberGrampy Bobby
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    14 Jul '07
    25 Sep '13 08:364 edits
    "greenpawn34's blog is buried far from view"

    Russ, at least two of our dominant competitors make an aggressive effort to attract their new and veteran members to various professional chess player book reviews, publicized chess tournaments, daily puzzles and multiple blogs.

    Presently the Red Hot Pawn greenpawn34 Blog is buried far from view (especially for new site members who have joined because of their intense interest in chess and as students of the game) as the last incidental option on the Community Menu after Forums, Clans and Clubs. With the dark background and location at the bottom of the Public Forums Screen, very few would know or think to go there. The Only Chess forum doesn't display Geoff's Blog Site prominently either. The tiny font blue bar Blogs at the top may also be difficult for some to see.

    Wouldn't it make sense to create a brand new public forum named "Chess Blogs" positioned just beneath Only Chess? It would contain an introductory pinned thread containing a direct site link to the presently hard to find blog location. This forum could also invite member threads on chess related topics of interest, sort of a specialized or dedicated version of Site Ideas. Online Correspondence Chess is RHP's primary reason for being. Let's become more chess blog user friendly.