1. SubscriberMarinkatomb
    18 Feb '04
    22 Mar '09 21:493 edits
    I've suggested this before, but i feel that the recent developments to the my games page gave me a rather neat idea.

    My idea is that an 'open invite' page be made for consultation games. A Player sets up a game, defining the number of players per side, say 10v10. Members join one side or the other from the open invite page.The time control is set, say 7 days a move. When the game begins, all players receive a 'consultation game' to their my games page. When they open the game, there is a forum link where the team discuss moves, strategy, etc.... It would be really cool if the game page and the forum were merged in some way, so that analysis and discussion can be done on the same page.

    Thinking about it, i don't see any reason why specific consultation teams couldn't be developed with their own leagues and table, etc....

    Once the game begins each player has 7 days to select a move as with any normal game. Once all members of a side have caste a move (vote) the move is made. If the 7 days elapse, the move with the highest score is made and it is the other sides turn (no timeouts, just an enforced move to keep the game flowing and prevent stagnation through inactivity).

    Having done one consultation with my clan, i felt that we had a good time discussing the game. Lower graded players learned a few things from the stronger players and it felt worth while. Not everyone participated, but those that did kept to it pretty well. If people are deliberately choosing to join a consultation, then the chances it will be well played are significantly increased. This would present and excellent way for people to learn and discuss the game as a group!

    What do you think? 🙂