1. Joined
    25 Jul '07
    06 May '09 23:21
    There is currently the ability to set a maximum number of challenges to accept, but this is not affected by clan matches or tournaments. I have currently made myself unavailable for clan matches because of uncertainty over how many games I'll end up with - I personally find anything over 20-25 unmanageable, but clearly your mileage will vary.

    If there were an option to set a hard limit to the number of matches we could play, that would govern both tournaments and clan matches, I'd find it very useful. We'd have to think a bit about how to handle tournaments, as there can be a big gap between finishing all your games in a round, and the round itself finishing - meaning you suddenly have another 2/4/8/whatever games starting - but there are various ways that could be handled. Possible options:

    - Hard limit already takes tournaments into account, so if I will be starting a new round of four games at some point and my hard limit is 20, I effectively have 16 game slots free.

    - Tournament games over hard limit are automatically resigned without losing grading points. I've done this myself manually a few times due to too many games.

    - Hard limit can be extended to allow for tournament games. In which case it's not strictly speaking a hard limit .. but I suspect this will be more popular than the previous option.

    Anyway. I'd find this very useful, and it might help to tempt me back into RHP and starting some new games - at the moment I'm slightly wary of doing this.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Upstate NY
    04 Aug '06
    07 May '09 01:12
    I understand where you are coming, and have felt the same sort of pressures myself. However, in the case of tournaments, I think it is up to the individual to manage their own game load. In entering a tournament, the player knows how many games are being committed to (with the possible exception of the yearly site tournament). I see it as a responsiblity to play those games (or, yes, resign them).

    I agree it could be a good feature to be able to set a maximum number of clan games, however. Clan games are the one area in which the individual relinquishes their control over their own game load, and I think it would be nice to return some degree of control to the player. A clan game load limit would essentially be an automated toggling of the clan availablity option, depending on a set number of games a player is willing to accept for a given clan.

    The only alternative at present is to leave clan play entirely, which is what I have now done, or to pay very close attention and manually toggle the clan availability, which is what I had been doing and got tired of!