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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber venda
    24 Feb '12 18:42
    I'm sure other clan leaders besides me are finding it difficult of late to mount challenges.There's so many inactive clans in the directory and so many players "unavailable" in the active clans, that i'm spending more time looking for challenges than playing my games.
    Would it not be a simple matter to have a filter showing a list of all the available players in clans that have started a challenge within say the last month in rating order?.
    It would save leaders having to trawl thro' all, the clans until they find a suitable challenge.
  2. 06 Mar '12 14:14
    Agreed. It is time-consuming keeping your clan members involved in as many games as they're comfortable with and I'd love to see something like venda's suggestion implemented.
    Perhaps an extension of the 'Suggest Opponent' functionality that is in place for non-clan games.