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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member malinga
    That would be me
    10 Feb '05 10:41
    How about using the Highest Rating in last 30 days to work out points gained/lost after a game?
    Just saying cos I'm ahead against a guy who was over 1650 when we started but has dropped over 100 points while we have been playing.
    And I'm losing against a guy who is currently 1400+ but who was 1700 less than a month ago.
    Would it make much difference?
  2. Subscriber noxidjkram
    Anal(yst) Programmer
    10 Feb '05 15:33
    Yeah, it does...

    Afraid it proves to be not a good thing! :o(

    Mathematically it can mean all sorts of problems...

    Theres been a thread on this before somewhere... Sorry i cant remember where though..