1. Standard membervaroadstter
    Raleigh, NC USA
    19 Feb '08
    16 May '08 19:10
    This post is part question and part site suggestion. Depending on the answer to the question, the suggestion may become moot.

    I joined the site about 2 months ago. The first time I visited the site and each time I visit the home page (I use the Chess@Work address) I am greeted with what appears to be three randomly selected games from the site. My question has likely been asked before: Is there any importance to these games? It appears that they are selected completely at random but I thought I'd ask in case there was something significant about them that I missed.

    If they are random (indeed, even if they aren't) perhaps it would be a good idea to select games based on some more obvious criteria. Here's a few that could be used as an example:

    Games in progress against the highest rated players

    "Board 1, 2, and 3" of the current year's tournament of champions

    The current user's (if they are logged in) most recently completed games, or games in progress against the highest rated competition

    Games in progress from the current users clan challenges or clubs

    etc. etc. etc.

    Perhaps this is just fiddling around at the edges but since the site is displaying such games anyway why not do what can be done to add some value to what is being shown?
  2. SubscriberSuzianne
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    08 Aug '03
    16 May '08 20:59
    I like the way it is now.

    If I'm not mistaken, it shows the three most recent games to record a move. So every game on the site has its own little window of time in which it could be displayed on someone's opening screen. Very democratic. And that's also why you never see any of your own games on it, unless you load the screen immediately after you move, and even then, there are lots of moves being made every second.
  3. Standard memberLukerik
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    26 Jul '07
    17 May '08 11:04
    I saw myself once when an opponent had just moved.