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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 27 Oct '04 11:36
    I'm sure it would be a great help if we could refer to openings,ideas behind them and main lines in them in the site itself.We could have it under the help tab.We could also have some articles on chess strategy ,common tactical situations which arise etc.Im also sure that many of our leading players would be willing to contribute some articles if given a chance.
  2. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    27 Oct '04 11:47
    i believe these forums already allow this very well in an interactive manner - especially the chess only forum.

  3. 27 Oct '04 11:53 / 2 edits
    I know but lately the chess forum has been converted to the whining forum. Seriously the problem with chess forum is you have nibbets of information here and there .And todays good forum thread goes to next page in a week.Instead we have a space in which articles are posted which could be helpful to those who have newly joined or those who want to improve their play.These articles could later be discussed in the forums but the articles remain there.
    Good submissions in the chess forum could also be moved there.
  4. 27 Oct '04 21:50
    Perhaps we need a wiki. Have a look at to see what sort of thing I'm talking about.