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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 11 Sep '10 17:20
    I'm the developper of Chess@Work Notifier for Google Chrome :

    I'm making some modifications, so when browsing the site, it parses html to update my counter of gamesWaitingMove. The aim of this modification is to do much less XMLHttpRequests.

    I parse the html to use the counter "n games waiting" in the top menuBar (top right of the page; class="loggedInInfo" )
    It would be more simple if this counter had an id.
    Unlike getElementById, getElementsByClass is not native javascript. So it requires to create an object to use this counter. Furthermore, class="loggedInInfo" is not unique.

    Could you add an id, ex : id="gamesWaiting"; so it will be easier to use it?
    Thanks by advance.