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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 18 May '09 08:26
    Please help us save time sorting through all the pages where there are multiple pages, such as looking over the player tables, the arrow only lets you move to the next page, rather than jump to a new page or select a range of pages.

    Please provide a range to view such as next 10-20 and 21-31, etc or else a 'jump to page:__" function that lets you type in a page and hit enter to go to that page.

    Also, when I look for players in my ranking from certain countries, there is no way to sort by rating, you again go page by page shifting through pages of data.

    These two small changes would help save us users a lot of time.

    I am considering signing up for membership but have not done so yet. I'm sure there are many people like me who hope you see that this good site continues to become even better and more user friendly.

    Thank you for your consideration!
  2. Standard member John of Reading
    Scotch addict
    18 May '09 11:02
    You can do a "jump to page" by fiddling the page number in your browser's address bar. Something like:
  3. 04 Jul '09 09:04
    Originally posted by John of Reading
    You can do a "jump to page" by fiddling the page number in your browser's address bar. Something like:
    Now THAT'S lazy for the site developers.

    It's a good site with impressive feedback system, but they are way behind in that particular aspect: no range hyperlink!

    Not only is it rare for people to have to or want to scroll through or learn obscure ways to speed things up strangely by working around it with the internet address manipulation, but most importantly it's a mickey-mouse, kindergarten, cheap, ghetto aspect of this otherwise excellent site.

    Why not just put a range hyperlink, doesn't exactly take more than a beginner intern who knows abc's of html to do it...
    are you listening to the feedback developers?

    Good workaround in the meantime until they get to it, though.