1. Standard memberAlcra
    Lazy Sod
    12 Oct '04
    03 Mar '05 12:441 edit
    I would like to propose an "intervention" option.

    This would work as follows:

    1) You sign up for 10 tournaments, and suddenly have 100 games.
    2) Your rating plunges and you spend 10 hours per day staring at a chess board
    3) You promise "Never again!"
    4) You win a game
    5) Feeling invincible, you enter another 5 tournies.

    Now, the proposition:

    1) after 3 and before 4, you go to "Intervention Settings"
    2) You specify "No new games for 4 weeks (include tournaments and sieges)

    You cannot change 2) so you are safe from your own gluttony for 4 weeks!

    Great idea! Any takers?
  2. Standard memberAiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    23 Mar '04
    03 Mar '05 23:59
    I can resist myself. And I am being helped by the fact I hardly enter another tournament besides the banded ones. Sounds like a nice idea, really, but I am wondering if it is really worth the trouble developing for - I guess - a small group of people with interest in this functionality. And being a small group I hardly think it will cut down on bandwidth (bandwith?) use.