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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 15 Jul '06 19:23
    Should we have the Posers and Puzzles area divided into three groups basic, advanced and expert?
    In hopes of putting an end to the pointless post regarding ones level of education.

    Please respond with a Yea or Nay

    Any other comments are unnecessary.

    Thank you in advance for your proper participation
  2. 15 Jul '06 19:23
  3. 15 Jul '06 21:50
    Nope. It's good as it is.

    If someone complaints over too easy puzzles - then he shouldn't bother at all. I don't.

    What is expert to some is basic to others.
  4. 16 Jul '06 03:46
    We have 1 Yea and 1 Ney