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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Santa Drummer
    18 Dec '05 17:21
    Would it be possible to be able to make notes on your past games so your can tell them apart?

    For eg, you could have a "opening" column if you ver want to find a game where you played x or y.

    And a "notes" column where you can write in it something like "very positional game, good to watch" or "rook vs knight ending".

    When you click your archives or whatever you called your folders, it would be great to see what you have wrote about games. It would be so much easier for finding games you want to watch. I thought of this because I was wanting to see if I had any paw endings on this site but would take ages to look through all my games. I think this would be extra easy to put in (its just like notebook but displays on the my games page). CAn you PLEASE PLEASE pretty please with sugar on top put this in?
  2. Standard member Santa Drummer
    21 Dec '05 23:07
    Come on
  3. Standard member celticcountry
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    21 Dec '05 23:19

    how about naming your own folders.

    with names that mean things to you.