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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber noxidjkram
    Anal(yst) Programmer
    24 Jun '08 16:59
    Minor niggle (and sure its been mentioned before).

    Could we have a message opponent link on the board no matter whose move it is (kinda like MSN where it just tags it onto the end of your last message to them). It would be nice to get rid of the extra couple of clicks required to message them when its not your move. I often have a great conversation OTB, and it would facilitate this better.


  2. Standard member Ichibanov
    King of slow
    26 Jun '08 01:54
    Absolutely. When I first started here, this was one of the most frustrating things to get used to. At a minimum, it'd be nice to be able to send the message after you moved but before your opponent had. Sort of an "Oops, I forgot" button.