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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 29 Sep '04 21:04
    Very very very minor, ... but it's there.

    When you DEselect the draw checkbox, the javascript popup still fires with Please remember ....

    Ideally, it'd only fire when you select the checkbox.

  2. 01 Oct '04 19:43
    Another minor bug, sharing one topic because it's not big enough for it's own one.

    In my current siege game I'm the only person in queue. The game page reads:

    Queue size people

    Notice it doesn't say "zero" ... looks like a string just needs to be cast to an int before use?

  3. 01 Oct '04 19:58
    One more quick quirk.

    In the current tournament page, all the tourneys started on 09-29 are missing a number in the "Rem in Rnd" column.

  4. 03 Oct '04 01:07
    #3 fixed. Thanks (presumably) to Russ for taking care of it!