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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member cludi
    11 Oct '04 12:59
    Monthly rewards in diferent categories would be the icing on the cake here on RHP. Some suggestions:

    1. Best player (highest rating)
    Obvious. Drawback:More cheating could be a consequence

    2. Most improving player (highest increase in rating)
    Obvious. Drawback:More cheating could be a consequence

    3. Most active player overall
    Why not award the players who really support this place

    4. Most active tournament player
    Same as 3

    5. Most active clan player
    Same as 3

    6. Most active siege player
    Same as 3

    7. Most friendly player
    I imagine players could nominate opponents for this special award

    8. Best rookie (highest rated newcomer)
    Same as 1 and 2. This award could be given to non-subscribers.

    9. Best forum participant (recs)
    If the rec system is revised, as suggested by several forum posters, this could be a possible award as well

    10. Most valuable clan player
    Let the clan leaders nominate one player each that deserves acknowledgement.

    There are probably several categories more than these that would be interesting. These are the ones I could come up with.

  2. 11 Oct '04 14:55
    The game itself is reward enough for me.

  3. 11 Oct '04 23:13
    I opt for a toaster or patio furniture. Sorry, i couldn't help myself.
  4. Standard member pendejo
    12 Oct '04 00:02
    i want a speedboat.
  5. Standard member thire
    12 Oct '04 19:08
    These are "community-ideas" - but I like them.
    got my rec.
  6. 13 Oct '04 16:43
    I think that these should be open to suscribers only, though only the Rookie one could realistically be one by a non-suscriber. Another benefit to subscribing.

    I really like the Rookie one. You have to have gained your non-provisional rating during the month, and the rating at the end of the month is the criteria.

    Highest Rating, no. This doesn't change enough.

    Instead of most active tournament and clan player, how about best tournament/clan player. This would be based on record and require a minimum of 5 completed games. Low rated players could win by participating, and doing well in, the banded tournaments.

    As for most improved. I don't think measuring a one-month difference is the way to go. I think that should be measured over 6 months. Using trend-line analysis over the last 6 months would show who had improved the most. To cheat here, you would have to force-feed yourself failure for quite some time and then improve.

    Have a rule that you can only win each rating-judged category once evey 3 months.

    I really like the most-valuable clan player. Give a tool to each clan leader to manage that.
  7. 14 Oct '04 20:08
    i think these awards should be for anybody. (except the clans and sieges ones, for obvious reasons). i think it's a great idea