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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Daemon Sin
    I'm A Mighty Pirate™
    15 May '07 09:24
    Now that the effects of the new Tournament entry criteria have slightly reduced the levels of sandbaggers, there's a slight glimmer of hope that some of the low level players could win their respective banded Tournaments. Problem is that they usually only come around once per month and then fill up within hours of registration opening, so if you're not around that day you have to wait a month for a shot at the next one.

    Can we have some more Banded Tournaments, please?
  2. 16 May '07 14:20
    I agree. But when I am at it I would like to also proposethe following:

    When I started here early 2006, there was a 2006 January 8-group banded, a 2006 February 8-group banded, a 2006 March 8-group banded, and so on. I decided to enter one of these every two month. And so I did. I knew that if I don't enter this months one (because of high game load or something) I can always enter the next months one. There was a reliable continuity. Perfect.

    During the summer there was also a regular 4-group tournament, named after the roman warriors or something. Very reliable too. As well as other type of tournamnets coming with regular intevals.

    I suggest that there will be a regurality of tournaments. So I can in beforehand know what tournaments that will come and enter one later (next month or so) if this one doesn't suit me.

    In this way we can have all sorts of tournaments of every kind but only one in the month.
  3. Standard member Bedingbedang
    commente moi donc ça
    23 May '07 08:27
    I agree, banded tournaments are more fun because you don't have to play those games against much better player where you don't stand a chance and are not having fun and those boring games with much lower players that don't give you any challenge. Banded tournaments level things and make it more interesting on the whole. I would also like to see more 4 or 8 players tournaments because even tough duels are fun, they take forever to complete.
  4. Standard member Daemon Sin
    I'm A Mighty Pirate™
    24 May '07 09:39
    "Sorry, tournament is fully subscribed."

    Logged on this morning, checked the available Tournaments for any banded and got the same ol' message.