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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 08 Sep '05 18:07
    Would it be possible in the forum to have a tab that says something like My Threads. On there would be a list of any threads you have posted on so that you can quickly see if theres been any more posts on it. I know you can go on the search tab and search on your own username to get them that way, just thought that this might be a better option and an easier way to see if any have been updated.
  2. 08 Sep '05 18:24
    Would do but maybe the search one is alright , it doesn't take so long and remember , "Patience is a virtue".
  3. 08 Sep '05 18:46
    that's true, and the search facility is quick. However when it displays the results of the search you have to go into each one in turn to see if there have been any more messages added to the thread. Just thought it might be better to have a list of threads you've posted in and the last posted message dated, etc.
  4. 08 Sep '05 19:32
    Also, as another thought i've just had, possible have the ability to add/remove a thread to this list that you've not posted on but are just interested in following.