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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 24 Mar '09 15:09
    I would like to get an e-mail when my opponent resigns.

    I am guessing that I'm not the only one that would appreciate such a feature?

    I also submit that this feature should be optional so that those who don't need this feature could turn it off.
  2. 18 Apr '09 19:30
    Am I really the only one who'd want such a feature?
  3. Standard member O Artem O
    18 Apr '09 21:21
    could be lol, i want to get a message each time i win a tourny!!!
  4. Standard member sumydid
    Aficionado of Prawns
    19 Apr '09 23:39 / 1 edit
    It would also make sense that if someone resigns, they shouldn't be able to also make a final move. It's mildly frustrating to go to a game (via the 'go to next game waiting' option so you don't know automatically that it's a resigned game), and see that the opponent made move... study the position... try to make a move... and then find out the opponent resigned.