1. Donationmwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    25 Feb '01
    17 Jun '08 14:56
    It might be a great help for new members to have an automatic initial introduction and set-up session when they create a membership.

    Start with a quick tour through the FAQ, then a tour through the 'My Settings' section. This could include a brief explanation of how the settings work followed by a session where the new member actually makes their initial setting preferences.

    The main idea would be to keep it short and easy but still show a new member where they can find answers and help them to get some of the features configured.
  2. Joined
    31 Jan '07
    18 Jun '08 07:22
    This sounds like a great idea - as part of the registration process. Recommended.

    Just one thing: people wander in and want to start playing immediately, so it would need to be very short to prevent them from losing interest and going somewhere they can play immediately.