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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 22 Nov '06 03:51
    How about creating the option of playing a chess game where other players can make comments in your games and stuff to you and your opponents. It'd make things more entertaining i'd think. And you'd have the option of banning players from making comments if they are being rude or giving you a hard time. PacMall the chess site i used to play on had this feature (not the banning part) and it was really well received there. Sometimes 4 or 5 people made comments in one game and had good conversations and stuff in them. It was fun; I miss that. Cause now the site has disappeared from the internet and no other site i know of does it.
  2. 22 Nov '06 03:54
    Right now some guys i know have just started a game together. It's like a myspace tournament thing. And i'm in the tournament too so i kinda thought it'd be fun too say a few things too them in that game later on.
  3. 22 Nov '06 03:59 / 2 edits
    Kinda like on but without people giving out suggestions on what we should have done and stuff while the game is still going on. They call this kibitzing i think.

    Here's a link as an example: