1. Wat?
    16 Aug '05
    24 May '10 13:32
    currently get deleted in 3 days. Why?

    If I put up an open invite to a named member of my clan or club, and they can't login for a day or two..... it disappears before they have a chance to accept it.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to have that invite open for 7 days. Clan and club competitions are being delayed through people having to submit and resubmit open invites, because they are continually removed automatically within a 3 day time span. Can we please have that extended to at least 7 days?????

    I don't know if the SITE open invites currently disappear after 3 days or they are linked to all open invites. It's not a difficult thing to change clan and club invites to be a separate entity.

    WOULD be a great help if you could extend private, i.e. club and clan invites, to 7 day live period.