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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 01 Mar '06 14:24
    Be nice if i could create an invite but limit the rating of who can accept.

    Dont really need a range just two options
    = XXXX

    Personally id use this to open invites to players better than me, but not less than me. Assists me moving up the table without pushing myself onto someone.

    Im sure for others they might choose say..less than a slightly better rating than mine.
  2. 01 Mar '06 14:26
    oops my two options have dissappeared

    = XXXX
  3. 01 Mar '06 14:27
    hmmm guess this posting doesnt allow mathematical signs like
    greater than or equal to
    less than or eqaul to
  4. 01 Mar '06 16:43
    When making a game select Advanced Options. Your problem solved.
  5. 01 Mar '06 17:17
    After you've finished 20 games, you'll be able to apply rating limits to open invites. In the meantime, if you type a limit in the game name, most will respect it I'd expect.
  6. Standard member shaz24
    04 Mar '06 17:03
    I belive all games should be open to one and all regaurdles of ability.I would also like,respectfuly to point out its our aim to help the less fortunate in shapning our abilitys for the bigger game.Then, what do i know.Iam only a women.