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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 30 Mar '06 17:27
    Hi, can you confirm if there is a bug with promoting a pawn whilst using the Opera browser?

    It has happened to me in two games and each time I have to open IE to complete the promotion.

  2. Subscriber cashthetrash
    31 Mar '06 01:15
    Usually those questions are answered in the help forum but, the problem is because this new interface is Java script heavy and it does not work well with the Opera web browser. You will need to change to Mozilla/firefox. It is a much nicer browser anyway. You will be able to do more with it. I think you will like it. You should like it much better.
  3. Subscriber cashthetrash
    31 Mar '06 01:17
    Also you might try clearing your browser cache.
  4. 01 Apr '06 21:09
    thanks. Used to use firefox and actually prefer Opera. I will try clearing the cache to see if that helps.