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    23 Sep '05
    14 Feb '06 19:001 edit
    I suggested a while back a wider range of smileys so that we can express more emotions. Here's another suggestion. What if subscribers could define their own personal smileys (like we can have a personal avatar and profile picture)?

    That'd be cool, cause I have a set of smileys that I really like. They're actual images of me, but cropped, sliced, distorted and blurred into smiley kingdom.

    Could we have personalized smileys? Could we? Please? 🙂
  2. Standard memberreader1107
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    23 Dec '05
    15 Feb '06 03:24
    Ooh, a smiley that wears glasses maybe?
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    23 Sep '05
    14 Mar '06 17:07
    Originally posted by the man, the myth, the legend
    Could we have personalized smileys?
    Yea, I like that idea. Who said that? 😉
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    23 Sep '05
    21 Mar '06 17:30
    Hey!? Isn't this more important than, say, tournament listings and I know not what? Action people!! Rec me. Make Russ create the possibility for personal smileys.

    Personal smileys! Personal smileys! Personal smileys! A wider range of possible expression smileys! So that we can express most emotions! Personal smileys!..

    Wake up!!! 😠😞
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