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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 14 Feb '06 19:00 / 1 edit
    I suggested a while back a wider range of smileys so that we can express more emotions. Here's another suggestion. What if subscribers could define their own personal smileys (like we can have a personal avatar and profile picture)?

    That'd be cool, cause I have a set of smileys that I really like. They're actual images of me, but cropped, sliced, distorted and blurred into smiley kingdom.

    Could we have personalized smileys? Could we? Please?
  2. Standard member reader1107
    petting the cat
    15 Feb '06 03:24
    Ooh, a smiley that wears glasses maybe?
  3. 14 Mar '06 17:07
    Originally posted by the man, the myth, the legend
    Could we have personalized smileys?
    Yea, I like that idea. Who said that?
  4. 21 Mar '06 17:30
    Hey!? Isn't this more important than, say, tournament listings and I know not what? Action people!! Rec me. Make Russ create the possibility for personal smileys.

    Personal smileys! Personal smileys! Personal smileys! A wider range of possible expression smileys! So that we can express most emotions! Personal smileys!..

    Wake up!!!