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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 11 Nov '04 01:39
    just the bright @ss white part. Maybe a nice maroon or somat.

    tooooo briiiiiiiggggghtttt

  2. Standard member lloydk
    Into the Breach!
    11 Nov '04 06:36
    Have you tried Soothing green.

    I have more spartan tastes and go with
  3. Standard member thire
    11 Nov '04 08:52
    It would be easier if we could choose our theme (or skin or however you wish to call it) on one page i.e. the four sites (timeforchess, redhotpawn, chessatwork, redhotchess) should be united. (As they are in the background, I guess)
  4. 11 Nov '04 09:41
    wow , i just found out about this..

    and i agree.. it should be united.. with a option to choose the theme
  5. Standard member mosquitorespect
    Not Royalty
    11 Nov '04 19:16
    I'd like the red strip across the top to be slightly less bright - it hurts my eyes at the moment!
  6. 12 Nov '04 00:41
    Apparently when you learn about web site design and development, you should never have white as a background, and should avoid saturated colours such as #FF0000 etc.

    I agree though, I don't like looking at web pages that have a white background, unless it is just a text site.
  7. Standard member thire
    12 Nov '04 10:42
    I like rhp and it's interface very much.
    the option to be able to choose where to play (other sites) is good as well.
    Yes, perhaps there are some little things that could be improved. I like the red bar.
    I like rhp!
  8. Standard member Ouermyhte
    Muffy rocks your God
    22 Nov '04 13:32
    i only find theres a problem if im switching between rhp and a predominantly black site, my eyes become somewhat displeased!

  9. 29 Nov '04 13:50
    you could wear sunglasses. or party less hard the night before you're going to play chess.