1. Joined
    19 Oct '03
    01 May '05 19:431 edit
    Lets say that you click on 'player tables', and are on the 'highest ratings' page. If you are ranked 100 and you click 'view my relative position', it takes you to the page that includes people ranked 101, 102, ect. Does this just happen to me, or to everyone? Whenever you are at the bottom of any of these pages it always takes you to the page with people of a lower rating or moves or whatever function of player tables you are using. This should be changed so that clicking 'view my relative position', takes you to the page you are really on.
  2. Joined
    10 Jan '04
    02 May '05 17:18
    Yes, the same thing happens to me al the time. This should be checked
  3. UK
    27 Feb '04
    03 May '05 21:44
    The most useful solution would be for the link to take you to a page you are in the middle of.
    i.e. 20ish players above you and 20ish players below you.
    This would put your rating into better perspective.