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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber venda
    14 Dec '11 20:44
    It is becoming increasingly difficult to find fair challenges for my higher rated players.
    To save myself some time, I now use the players table to look for players of a similar rating.
    However, this still involves looking at players only to find:-
    1.They are not in a clan
    2.They are in a clan who are not accepting challenges.
    3.They are in a clan accepting challenges but have made themselves unavailable.
    4.They are in a clan, available ,but the clan have not accepted a challenge for a long while.
    I would like a filter to eliminate all, or at least some of these conditions.Something like "available clan players" in rating order would be a start.
  2. 14 Dec '11 21:13
    5. Those not in the process of being banned 3a.
  3. Standard member RevRSleeker
    17 Dec '11 18:02
    Originally posted by MontyMoose
    5. Those not in the process of being banned 3a.
    Surely, if we had such insight, 'IN the process of being banned' would be the better option for any clan'd set the games for 21 \ 28 and just sit back and wait, guaranteed points lol. Well, if it were not such a lottery from admin it would be, with the actual allotment of points from banned players !!