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    13 Jun '10
    04 Mar '16 02:09
    Suggestion for a new feature on the site.
    Could be a feature for all users or only subscribers or some mixture.

    The feature i am thinking of is basically the one on the lichess site.
    i frequently copy PGN from completed games on RHP into lichess for a quick analysis.
    For those who haven't seen it, it gives a visual presentation as well as the list of moves, annotated with the text of mistakes/blunders with alternates.
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    21 Oct '15
    07 Mar '16 13:40
    Have you looked at buying a previous version of Fritz (I found Frtiz 10 for a couple £s), you can add engines to it. Great for analyzing! I'd recommend Stockfish. I have the current version, so can't vouch for Fritz 10 as such but I'm sure it's more than good enough to analyse your game.
    IMO Fritz (10 - as it's cheap) + Stockfish (free) = good analysing.
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    13 Jun '10
    08 Mar '16 00:24
    Sure, I have similar things myself.
    The point is to have something simple but effective that is part of the site, such that it can be shared and discussed etc among the players.

    At my chess club a few of us put our OTB games in lichess and send each other the links. It's both a personal and community thing. I think it's really useful, but YMMV.