1. Standard memberuzless
    The So Fist
    Voice of Reason
    28 Mar '06
    19 Apr '18 20:132 edits
    Let's have an option that goes beyond the simple thumbs up thumbs down rec.

    Let's have a button that says "Nominate for RHP Hall of Fame"

    In order to qualify for the Hall of Fame the post must get at least 15 people press the Hall of Fame button. Every 6 months, a review panel of RHP subscribers/Admins could vote on which posts get into the RHP Hall of Fame. A max of maybe 5 posts could be admitted to keep the quality very high with no mandate that any posts actually make it in..

    This way you could have the "recommended posts" button only keep track of the last few weeks worth of rec's rather than the page after page it is now.
  2. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    21 Apr '18 19:01
    There have been a few all-time high TU and TD posts. It might be amusing to archive them somewhere.