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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member uzless
    The So Fist
    25 Sep '09 19:13 / 2 edits
    Instead of limiting ALL public forums to be squeaky clean, the creator of the thread should be able to pick a colour coded rating for their thread.

    If the thread is family friendly like, "name your favourite food" that thread would appear Green when you are looking at the general forum list of threads.

    If the thread is a more mature topic like "Breast exams" the fourm colour could be BLUE

    If it was an adult thread like, "Daughter claims incest" the creator would choose RED.

    This way people deciding which thread they want to read would be protected from topics of an adult nature and if they are easily offended, they can steer clear of threads without having to open them and risk being offended.

    This would give mods more leeway in leaving some threads open instead of closing/removing them.
  2. 25 Sep '09 20:52
    or how about an 18+ public forum were anything goes, disclaimers would have to be signed each time entering the forum but i for one wouldn't mind.