1. Account suspended
    03 Feb '04
    10 Mar '08 17:481 edit
    Stop advertising public torunaments as such! They are not public and open to everyone unless the subscriber thing doesn't apply.

    I don't want to login, and see there are 6 tournaments available when they're isn't as a I'm not a subscriber. It's bad enough being a 2nd class user on here because I don't want to pay, without having this too.
  2. Joined
    06 May '05
    10 Mar '08 19:00
    I wouldn't say that you are a "2nd class" user, it is just that this site is a business and it wouldn't exist without providing incentives to pay.

    By using the site and viewing the ads, you support the site in your own way.

    That being said, the tournaments are partly there so that you can see the incentives that you can participate in if you did pay.

    Are the tournaments being shown all that intrusive?